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Matthew Groves wants you to have the real estate experience of your life. We recognise the process of buying or selling a home can be difficult and overwhelming, but we also understand that it doesn’t need to be this way.

About Matthew Groves

Matthew Groves has a wealth of real estate knowledge and is very passionate about the industry. Managing and developing a large portfolio of property rentals, Matthew ensures that his owners are well informed about all areas of property management and equipped to maximise their rental returns. With a background in sales there is no one better when it comes to advertising your investment property: “I believe in not just showing properties to rent, rather selling it as a lifestyle to potential tenants or buyers”.
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Forest Lake Real Estate Specialists

Whether you’re looking for a reliable property manager, or in search of your dream home— Matthew Groves is here to assist with all your real estate needs throughout Forest Lake and the surrounding suburbs. Matthew Groves offers Property Management and Leasing  in Forest Lake.

Matthew Groves, believes that your property management should be focused on increasing, not simply maintaining, the value of your investment. By mastering both the broad picture and the day-to-day details of owning an investment property, we help you maximise income and build capital growth.
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  • Great product delivered by this property managers. Very efficient and more than happy to go extra step to ensure everything’s under control for all parties concerned. Highly recommended!

    Julie Weeden

  • Matt was very professional in his approach guided us with all our doubts and gave us prompt response.


  • Matt has always provided an honest opinion with Repairs, Renting Amount, and appraisal. He is easy to deal with and has good communication skills.


  • Thanks Matt for a quick sale and getting the price we wanted. We also appreciated your honest approach and could also see you gave all the buyers a fair chance to purchase the property. Thanks again


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